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About us

Established 2008

How we started

Black Jax, a female Jackal buzzard was the motivation for starting Radical Raptors as she was one of the first birds Dennis trained and worked with back in 2006.

Dennis then, as a falconer and wildlife enthusiast, started Radical Raptors in Plettenberg Bay in 2008.

Dennis has been involved with Cape Nature and the rehabilitation of wildlife since 2003.

After being in Plettenberg bay for 12 yeas, Radical Raptors relocated to Gouritzmond in September 2020, where we down scaled, moving our focus away from tourism & more towards rehabilitation.

Our passion & focus

Radical Raptors is a rescue, rehabilitation & release centre for wildlife, focussing mainly on birds of prey.

We promote Education & Awareness of wildlife and birds of prey.

Dennis is licensed to rescue and relocate snakes. 

Our main focus areas are:

  • Wild life rescue
  • Rehabilitation and Conservation
  • Public education
  • Birds of Prey and Snake awareness

Eco-friendly rat traps

Dennis as a raptors/wildlife enthusiast and rehabilitator is always promoting no use of poison and often gets asked: what is the alternative?

After personally suffering the damage rats can cause, poison was just not an option, that’s when he began building these handmade traps.

There are not many alternative solutions on the market, other than poison.

We’ve tested our Eco-friendly rat traps over the years, always with great success.

Thank you so much for all your support.

Much love

Dennis & Tania

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