Visitors are invited to join us for one of our FLYING DISPLAYS.
Flying displays: a variety of trained non-releasable birds of prey are free flown around and to you as an opportunity for you to spectate, participate and photograph these magnificent birds in natural surroundings. Weather permitting.

SHOW TIMES: 11am, 1pm, 3pm
CLOSED MONDAYS except public and school holidays 

It is essential that individuals and communities are taught awareness of our raptors and the impact of humans on their environment. As part of our commitment to the preservation of birds of prey we demonstrate the plight and magnificence of these birds through our flying displays.

School groups, under privileged groups and the general public benefit from the interactive experience. We are faced with a lot of ignorant superstitious beliefs in South Africa regarding birds of prey. Our interactive displays challenge old mindsets and break significant ground creating an appreciation, understanding and sense of responsibility for wildlife and the environment