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Supporting a good cause while you shop

Eco-friendly Rat Traps


All rat trap sales go towards the wellbeing of our birds of prey.

LulaRoe Leggings

Beautiful, buttery-soft leggings. Comfort for every day wear. Different designs every week, drop me a message to see the latest range.


Inspired by Radical Raptors, gift & souvenir shop to help fund our rehabilitation & awareness center for our birds of prey.

I have combined my fascination with owls, my love for birds and wildlife with my love for shopping and retail.

I am thankful for Radical Raptors, where I am fortunate to work with owls an birds every day and mostly thankful for my husband, Dennis, my biggest inspiration of all.

All shop sales & donations go directly towards the rescue & rehabilitation of birds of prey.

Love Tania

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