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  • Eco friendly, humane
  • Pet and kid-friendly
  • Weather proof
  • Wire mesh cage / Dimensions: Length (cm) 38 Width (cm) 26 Height (cm) 15.5 Gross weight (kg)1
  • Multi catch trap  – OUR RECORD IS 22 RATS!
  • Fully assembled, ready to use, easy to setup


> Read more about our rat trap, how to setup & more here. 

  • Place trap where you see most of the rat activity. Example: in your house, ceiling, veggie garden, compost heap, rubbish dump, horse stable etc.
  • Place trap preferably against a wall. Can be secured with bricks and slightly covered/hidden, with only the tunnel exposed.
  • Rats go down the top tunnel, into the first compartment and then find their way through the second tunnel to the second compartment.
  • Cable ties and weights ensure that the swinging door stays closed as it is a one-way door system.
  • The release door is at the bottom of your trap, for your own use only. Make sure this is always closed while trapping rats. 
  • Bait must be placed in the trap on both sides, but mostly in the second compartment. Here is where your rats will be trapped.
  • Traps are made for mice and large rats – the bigger the better!
  • Rats need to be disposed of at your own risk. We do not feed wild rodents to our birds!!

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