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What people say

We loved the tour. The birds were amazing and well cared for, and the tour was informative.

Sonja Mancos

Absolutely fantastic raptor experience, very knowledgable staff!
Loola Realpirate
Dedication and passion of staff clearly reflected in the general appearance of facilities and birds! Well done all.
Helen Ludwig du Toit
What an interesting show and knowledgeable guides. Great to get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures!
Lorna Römer
We had the most amazing experience today. Stunning creatures well taken care of and loved.
Marilize Barnard
Absolutely wonderful to be so close to these amazing creatures and to hear the stories of how they rehabilitate birds. Highly recommend!
Liezel Matthee
Loved the flying display, learned so much new things about the birds. And the dog was amazing so well trained listening to the commands. The owls are still by far my favorite bird.
Cynthia Pilcher
We had an amazing experience at Radical Raptors. Our host was passionate and knowledgeable. You could see he really loves his birds! If you are in or around the area I would definitely recommend that you visit. It was well worth it!
Jennifer Wright
What an amazing experience to se these wild birds being trained and still showing us theirs natural wildness.
Maria Coetzee Brand
An amazing interaction with the birds, well done, keep up your amazing work & rehabilitation for release where you can & looking after those whom can no longer fly free.
Bernard Heritage
Incredible bird show! So informative and amazing to see that caliber of bird so close. Birds are also in very good condition and look healthy. My kids were able to hold all of the birds. Great for any age. We really loved it.
Allison Dike
We took our 2 year old daughter to the 3pm show today and she really enjoyed the birds in flight and then had an opportunity for the owl to sit on her hand with a glove on, she was thrilled to say the least! The gentleman who gave the talk was bubbly, funny and my husband and I both enjoyed his enthusiasm. Thank you Radical Raptors and keep up the good work you’re doing for the birds!
Jacey Jean Maria Kneale
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