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Dennis as a conservationist and rehabilitator is always promoting no use of poison and often gets asked: what is the alternative?

After personally suffering the damage rats can cause, poison was just not an option, that’s when he began making and perfecting these Eco friendly rat traps.

There are not many alternative solutions on the market and “Owl/Eco-friendly” poisons are a hoax!

We’ve tried and tested our rat traps with great success!


  • Wire mesh cage
  • Dimensions: Length (cm) 38 Width (cm) 26 Height (cm) 15.5 Gross weight (kg)1
  • Eco friendly, humane
  • Pet and kid-friendly
  • Weather proof
  • Multi catch trap  – OUR RECORD IS 22 RATS!
  • Fully assembled, ready to use, easy to setup

How to set your trap:

  • Place trap where you see most of the rat activity. Example: in your house, ceiling, veggie garden, compost heap, rubbish dump, horse stable etc.
  • Place trap preferably against a wall. Can be secured with bricks and slightly covered/hidden, with only the tunnel exposed.
  • Rats go down the top tunnel, into the first compartment and then find their way through the second tunnel to the second compartment.
  • Cable ties and weights ensure that the swinging door stays closed as it is a one-way door system.
  • The release door is at the bottom of your trap, for your own use only. Make sure this is always closed while trapping rats. 
  • Bait must be placed in the trap on both sides, but mostly in the second compartment. Here is where your rats will be trapped.
  • Traps are made for mice and large rats – the bigger the better!
  • Rats need to be disposed of at your own risk. We do not feed wild rodents to our birds!!

What bait to use:

  • Anything from crushed maize, bread, peanut butter, sweet potato, chicken bones, dog/cat food, kitchen food scraps, fruit and veg. 
  • Get creative! If you are not instantly catching rats, change bait and even location.
  • Clean out your trap daily.

Other tips:

  • Eliminate any other food source around your house
  • Remove and clean up any unnecessary rubble/garbage
  • Put up owl boxes to encourage owls to breed – They are the best for rodent control
  • Put up tall perches/poles for owls and other raptors to hunt from.
  • DO NOT USE RAT POISON  (Poison kills both rats and owls, however rats recover a lot faster than owls)

All rat trap sales go towards the wellbeing of our birds of prey.

After-sales support!

Ssk Agri Tuinroete Plettenberg bay/Knysna/George/Mossel bay/Albertinia/Riversdal

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