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Non-Toxic Rat Traps Save Animals – Say no to poison!

  • Eco friendly, humane
  • Pet and kid-friendly
  • Wire mesh cage: Weatherproof
  • We offer after-sale help/support
  • Made inhouse, by Dennis
  • This is a multi-catch trap – Catches up to 15-20 rats at a single setting.
  • Fully assembled and ready to use. Easy to setup
  • Self-setting mechanism with repeated entrance re-set.



Length (cm) 38

Width (cm) 26

Height (cm) 15.5

Gross weight (kg)1



Tips on setting up your rat trap:

You want to set it up closest to the rat activity/problem area.  If in your garden, possibly next to a veggies patch or your garbage bins etc. There where you find the most activity.  You don’t want it too exposed, so if you can put it next to something, like a wall or a bin, that would be great.  My rat trap at home is permanently set up by my garbage area, I then also often put my black bags or boxes kind off over it, to almost hide it, with just the entrance tunnel being exposed. They like to run down walls and be hidden, so keep this in mind.  Putting a trap in the middle of a room or on the lawn, won’t help. Rat trap can be placed in your house, ceiling, veggie garden, compost heap, rubbish dump, horse stable etc.  There where you see rat activity.

Setup: Rats go down the top tunnel, into the first compartment and then find its way to the second tunnel at the bottom to get to the 2nd compartment.  Once in there, it can’t get out. The cable ties and weights on that tunnel door serves as a one way door system and ensure that the swinging door stays closed.  There is a release door at the bottom of your trap, for your own use only. Make sure this is always closed while trapping rats.  Bait must be places in the trap on both sides, but mainly on the second side. You want all the good stuff and most of it on the 2nd side as that is where you want to actually trap the rats.

Bait can be anything from crushed maize, bread, peanut butter, dog or cat food, kitchen food scraps and fruit.  You will soon find out what are their favourite treats!!  You must also eliminate other food sources in your house/garden/barn/garage.  For instance, if you have feed lying around or other areas where rats can get food instead, they will go there rather than the trap.  You can also secure trap with a brick to prevent it from moving around. Make sure all forms of food is packed away, sealed or eliminated completely.  Store kitchen food in glass or crate need be.

Other tips:  Put up owls boxes and owls perches! They are after all natures pest control.  If they find your house/yard as a comfortable area to hunt and breed, they will stick around and sort out your rats for you as well. Put some perches up for them to make your home the most attractive hunting grounds.  And of course, DON’T USE RAT POISOIN! Rat poison kills both rats and owls, although the owl population doesn’t recover as fast as rats, therefore, rat poison actually increases the rat population and problem. Less owls, more rats.

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